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Mappei Filing Systems

Mappei is a filing and document management system provides:- Fast and easy set up of files for quick access to important information. Space efficienf file storage systems. Easy to find file retrieval method. Fully compatible Archiving system

Productivity at work depends on efficiency and effectiveness in handling paperwork. A document management system must aid the work process.  Mappei “The Filing System”  works because it is easy to use.  The flexible design allows customised solutions. Highly visible labelling system allows direct access to files.  The system is logical and systematic.  Saves time by up to 50% and saves space by up to 80%.

In short, along with cost, the time needed to deal with filing and retrieving documents is a critical management issue.  Some questions you might want to ask of your current filing system!

  • Are our files getting lost or miss-filed?
  • Are we currently running out of storage space?
  • Are our files in a mess?
  • Are we wasting precious time filing and looking for files?
  • Are we spending more money than we need to for an efficient filing system?

We offer a no cost, no obligation audit and evaluation of your current filing system along with a report on Space Savings that can be made, so why not Contact us today and take the first step in the move up to MAPPEI “The Filing System”.

Mappei will........... Save Space - Save Time  - Save Money


Expandable desktop file box
Perfect for HR or other filing requiring separation within the file folder
Archive storage system
High volume storage unit with small footprint
13 Colours for effective file indexing
For bigger files where need to be secured in the folder 150 pages plus
High volume starage cabinets 2 - 3 - 4 - 5 - 6 Drawer options
Desk top organiser

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